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How To Get #1 In Google With Organic SEO?


I don’t claim the final word truth for Google SEO, but here is my opinion, how it’s possible to urge your website on the primary page of Google and other search engines, without paying them for ads placement.

Organic SEO could be thanks to achieving the very best rankings in search engines thanks to the simplest SEO factors. Google rank depends first on relevancy -it’s well-known, but too many websites are equally relevant to some keywords or phrases, what then to do? Then there are other factors, affecting rankings in search engines. and therefore the very first thing to recollect – Organic SEO isn’t any shaman dance with tambourine, which supposes a direct result but maybe a long-time process of improving the website’s SEO factors within the best way.

The factors that the majority influence your website ranking in Google:

Website Content

As you recognize, ‘Content could be a King’, thus it should be unique and attractive. Of course, it should be useful and informative for your users and targeted at them. In my humble opinion, the content should be as more positive as possible, otherwise, it’ll be hard to read. The longer texts are welcome in Organic SEO.


don’t overload your content with keywords, you must use them correctly, both for users and for search engines. To use keywords excessively is an ancient practice, which can hurt your website. The content should look organically for the search engines and be well-readable for the users.

Inbound Links

relevant and quality inbound links is a crucial part of organic SEO. the foremost important have links from high-trust websites with relevant content. At the identical time, inbound links from spammy blogs and forums are toxic and you ought to avoid having them. Now it seems, Google cancelled penalize for such links (like it absolutely was during Matts Cuts time), but with plenty of such spammy links, your link profile will look also spammy, doesn’t matter if you have got in addition links from trustful and relevant resources. Inbound links from .edu and .gov websites (.edu.* and .gov.*) are welcome

Types of inbound links. LSI links

your time ago, inbound links were counted as a select a favour of your website to Google as a symbol of worth to induce your resource higher on the computer programme result page.
Now, highly likely, we’ve got an additional detail during this factor, like anchors type, quiet links, etc. as an example, if your website encompasses a few hundred inbound links with the identical anchor, this example rather wouldn’t have a positive effect, due to suspicions of their non-organic origin. LSI (latent semantic identification) links are welcome (We use them in our SEO tactics)

Mobile Friendliness

your website should be optimized for mobiles devices because the bulk of all users are using smartphones to go looking online. So, we are visiting the following step, which is additionally important both for mobile and desktop devices –

Page Speed

Slow web server and thus the web site thereon will never win the highest ten of Google and whether or not it’ll air page 1 of Google SERP by some simple queries, users will stay there only for touch while, before leaving it, because of its inconvenient and slow functioning. Thus, no inquiries – no any orders. you’ll check your website speed on Google Page Speed Insights Test.

Website Domain

The older the domain of your website, the better. But its concerns only domain names you own by yourself. If you purchased a ‘dropped’ domain – take care, it should contain a nasty link profile, as an example, some tens k toxic links. It’s known, that after a replacement registration, the name is freed from previous penalties, but nobody will eliminate 3-rd party factors as mentioned above, thus you will have problems with the further website development and organic SEO. For me, the simplest practice is to induce some prospective domains for the longer term and hold them parked for a few years.

Webpage layout

by me, the landing page is that the best layout for viewing. we will demonstrate all the most effective key points of our product/service on the landing page, but such an internet site will have an awfully sophisticated thanks to page #1 Google, so in my humble opinion, the simplest decision will have a well-liked CMS with the extended main page. Users don’t wish to dig deeper into sites.

Q & A (questions and answers)

people like such blocks where the shoppers are being answered for common questions concerning your company’s activity. it’ll be a decent reasonably feedback between website owners and website users and a decent way for the recognition of your resource

That’s brief about what I had in mind about Organic SEO


If your website ranks well, it doesn’t mean that it’ll be constantly such within the future. Insidious Google is permanently updating its algorithms, so if you see your website on page 1 today, it doesn’t mean that you simply will see it on the identical page tomorrow. But actually, mainly in spring – at the start of March, google experiencing a replacement super updated algorithm and therefore the computer program result page is changing tremendously. And remember, your competitors are highly likely doing similar things that you just are.

Google SEO Strategies

To avoid consequent problems, you must permanently monitor your website functioning and program result pages. Permanently updating your content and making new links, improve existing and invent new Google SEO strategies. (Better test them first on some test websites as we do). If you don’t have time otherwise you don’t want to be engaged with it, we are able to handle this for you, just make an inquiry.

We will make an intensive SEO audit of your resource, chose the simplest tactics and every one the mandatory ongoing activity concerning your website SEO.

To know your current Google SEO state, you will use Free SEO Audit

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