Web Hosting & Mail

How do we host Jakwar on our servers? and which Package do we helped them to choose it?

‍Jakwar travel Agency From startup companies on the web with 5 employees team. At first, they only needed to Starter package with 5 Emails.

But soon they grew up on the web with visitors to the website and a huge amount of emails they receiving from the costumers. that is why we have upgraded their package to Business.

Website Design

How we designed the website for them, and which services did they choose?

‍At first, the owner of the company tended to dark colour, but after we have studied and understood their sector (travel & Tourism), We were able to determine the right colour (light colour) for the website.

We have designed a modern website with colourful and uses unique design trends, with two languages (English & Arabic) that will help them get the website that they want and achieve their objectives.

Graphic Design

How we helped Jakwar with Graphic Design? and what we did for them?

‍We designed the logo for them and select the right colour appropriate for their sector.

We designed also the business card, brochure and the Banners, Flyers for the website and Social Media. And we were able to produce short introductory videos for posting on social media

Digital Marketing

How we did marketing for Jakwar Travel Agency?

Firstly we have created Facebook page and Instagram account and we connect them together and with website. after that we create Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts.

ِAfter publish a huge posts in the Instagram and Facebook, we made a plan to advertise in target areas (Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq). We’ve driven over 2000 leads for them through our plan marketing.


How we did SEO service for Jakwar?

Firstly We were able to customize the address of the company on Google Maps by making google business account. after that we put robot google to crawling all of the data of website in google search engine.

Thanks to the advanced experience of our team, we could put jakwar website in the top 10 of google with 100 keywords

The result: An effortless transactional experience 🙂