Object Cache

<strong><a href="https://webyildiz.com/">Object cache</a></strong>, also called an in-<strong><a href="https://webyildiz.com/blog/tag/memcached-server/">memory cache</a></strong>, is a technique used to improve the performance of web applications by storing frequently accessed data in memory. Instead of retrieving the data from a slower database or another source every time it is needed, the application retrieves the data from the cache in a much faster way.This helps to reduce the load on the database and improve the overall performance of the application. Object cache is commonly used in content management systems, e-commerce sites, and other web applications to provide a faster and more efficient user experience.

Does your Wordpress site need a Persistent Object Cache

Does your WordPress site need a Persistent Object Cache

“You should use a persistent object cache” is the result of a new health check introduced in WordPress 6.1. This article...

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