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Best Ways To Get Your Ecommerce Seo Strategy Right

Here are some of the best ways to get your eCommerce SEO strategy right;

Best Ways To Get Your Ecommerce Seo Strategy Right

If you have an online business, you need to attract an audience to your site and turn them into buyers. The best way to do this is through SEO.

You need your eCommerce website to provide you with vital information about clients like their age, location, and how they found you. You can then use this information to offer the ideal products for your customers depending on their needs. At the same time, you can also use the website data to know what does not work. For example, you can monitor cart abandonment, low traffic, and unappealing offers.

Using all this data allows you to optimize your eCommerce platform. However, this does nothing to attract the massive traffic you need. You still need to be proactive and find the right customers for your site.

Here is where the SEO for eCommerce comes in.

What is SEO for eCommerce?

SEO for eCommerce is the process of making your online store visible for the search engine results pages (SERPs). When your page ranks highly your products will appear on the top pages for the results when someone searches for where to buy anything. To achieve this, you need a well-optimized site with high-quality content that can rank highly on the search engines.

So far, some eCommerce stores rely on paid ads to reach customers. However, this can become quite costly in the long run. SEO for eCommerce is the more affordable option. The paid ads can also fail to reach the target audience who use ad blockers and ad blinders. Therefore, optimizing your eCommerce site for SEO is the ideal way to reach your target audience.

Unlike any other SEO, optimizing your eCommerce site for SEO requires more than just including keywords, creating blog posts, and getting links. You must master how the search engine works and what it finds ideal. That means you have to optimize the headlines, product descriptions, navigational structure for search, and user experience. Each product on the site must be set up to draw the intended traffic.

ECommerce SEO best practices

Here are some of the best ways to get your eCommerce SEO strategy right;

1- Use important keywords

If you are looking to attract clients to your site, then you must provide all the necessary information. You already understand the basic information the client looks for before purchasing an item. Include the information to be friendly for the search engine and the shoppers. For example, you can include the measurements, color, sizes, and other details that make it easy to find the item.

There are cases when you might want to conceal some information like pricing until some stages of the buying process. This might be due to special sales or releases. While this might not directly impact the eCommerce SEO, it leads to a higher bouncing rate which is not ideal when looking to rank highly.

2- Integrate social media

Social media remains one of the greatest additions to your eCommerce site. It not only helps attract clients but also builds the ranking. Include all the major social media sites buttons such that the site visitors can comment, like, share and interact with your products. This helps create a strong community around your online site.

When people interact and use the social media buttons on your site, the search engine finds your brand valuable hence rank it highly. Also, as people talk about your brands online, it gets more visibility hence attracting even more buyers.

3- Create a blog and feed it

Creating a blog is the other way to become an authority in the eCommerce industry and rank your site highly. There are only limited keywords that you can use for product listing. That means you might not reach all the intended audience. A blog, however, allows you to use these keywords without interfering with the listings.

The blog also allows you to attract an audience that is generally looking for information before purchasing a product. People are likely to buy when you seem more informed and have detailed information.

To make the blog work perfectly, you need top-quality content and keep it updated with new content.

4- Employ link building

Link building is another way to build your eCommerce SEO. Links from low-quality sites will do your online store no good. Instead, it will only stagnate your growth. Therefore, find easy and chip link building from authority sites. These top-quality links will ensure the search engine finds you as an authority as well.

Getting these top-quality backlinks is no easy prospect. However, you can crack it when you offer value. For example, offer an authority site a well-researched and written blog post in exchange for a link.

5- Design with shoppers in mind

Whatever strategy you choose for your site, it will always be to make the customer experience worthwhile. It doesn’t matter if you have the best products or affordable prices, the customers must find it easy to use your site. Therefore, invest in fast-loading sites, detailed product descriptions, and search capabilities.

Designing with users in mind helps reduce bounce rate which works to improve your search engine ranking.

Ready to rank your online store top of the search engines? Reach out to our SEO service experts for detailed information on how to get started.

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