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What Is .ing Top-level Domain, And How To Get Your Own?

The ability to target user intent for nearly any industry, especially in terms of local search, is made possible by ING top-level domain names.

What Is .ing Top-level Domain, And How To Get Your Own

Google announced the launch of the new .ING top-level domain, which lets people register domains that match verbs, nouns, and adjectives that end in “ing”

That’s What ING Top-level Domain Stands For

The last part of a domain name, like .com, .org, etc., is called the top-level domain (TLD).

Google recently added a new version called .ing, which lets publishers register a domain name that targets actions, people, places, things, and even words that end in “ing”.

Why is ING’s Top-level Domain Important?

With a short, easy-to-remember domain name, this kind of targeting with an ING TLD is a good way to show users what they can do or achieve with a site, product, or service.

This is called a domain hack.

Wikipedia has a useful description of a domain hack:

“A domain hack is a domain name that suggests a word, phrase, or name when concatenating two or more adjacent levels of that domain.

For example, bir.ds and examp.le, using the fictitious country-code domains .ds and .le, suggest the words birds and example respectively.

In this context, the word hack denotes a clever trick (as in programming), not an exploit or break-in (as in security).”


Many brands have already begun registering .ing domain names:

  • Adapt:

    Adapt is a San Francisco Bay Area-based multidisciplinary clothing brand focused on the core principles of concept, design, and execution.
    registered domain.

  • Canva:

    Canva makes it easy to design or draw anything and achieve your personal or professional goals, with customizable templates and AI-powered tools.
    registered domain.

  • Adobe Acrobat:

    With Adobe Acrobat’s free online tools, you can easily edit, add comments, fill, and sign PDFs right from your browser. registered and domains.

  • Going:

    Going makes travel dreams come true, introducing you to amazing destinations and alerting you to cheap flights to get there. registered domain.

  • ING: domain is owned and managed by the ING Group, a multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.


    Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers works to improve conditions in Switzerland’s engineering and planning sector. registered domain.


    Create dead simple, drag & drop websites for anything: link-in-bio, portfolios, landing pages, moodboards. registered domain.

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ING Top-level Domain Can Really Aim for User Intent

The verb forms of words that end in “ing” are especially interesting because they show what an activity does. This is important because verbs are the best way to figure out what a user wants.

There may have been more than five or six user intents before Inlinks came up with the idea that there are more specific user intents that come in the form of verbs.

Some examples are writing, flying, cooking, eating, and fixing things.

If you add a city, state, or province name to those verbs, you get a domain name like or that is very specific to what the user wants.

There are a lot of geographic domain names that can be registered, like, so the wedding business is likely to be very competitive.

Another type is travel and wedding, like

For a service, there’s and

What about products? You know about, right?

There are so many variations that target users exactly where they want to go, and it’s not just for weddings or plumbing services.

How To Get Your Own .ing Top-level Domain?

You can get .ing top-level domain here:

ِAlso, You can get “.ing” domain from this websites:


How Much Does ING Top-level Domain Cost?

The prices for early access domains start out high and get lower as the date of the wide-open launch (also known as “General Availability“) gets closer.

The less expensive general availability rate for ING domains will begin on December 5, 2023, and will go up to $14.99/year after that.

For people who don’t have a lot of money, that’s the date to check with their favorite domain name registrar about the availability of a list of domain names they want.

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